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Shopping cart | contact | help 1-800-474-well (9355)1-908-237-2195   home about lose weight reverse disease success stories events faq library shop member center children vitamin advisor blog   dr. Fuhrman on breast cancer cruciferous vegetables powerfully prevent breast cancer. viagra history development Vitamin d powerfully protects against breast cancer. Mammograms cause some breast cancers, reduce deaths by almost the same number of deaths they cause and overall do very little to extend lives. buy viagra Breast cancer is the second leading cause of death in north american women (heart disease is number one).   in spite of modern cancer detection and treatment methods, the percentage of women dying from this common cancer has not changed much in the last thirty years. canada pharmacy viagra 1 the current consensus view of physicians and health authorities in america is that mammography for women under  the age of 50 is appropriate if there is a certain degree of family history of breast cancer.   mammographic screening is recommended to begin as early as 25 to 30 years of age in carriers of the brca1 or brca2 mutation, which increase the risk of developing breast cancer. cheap viagra  however, new data from more carefully designed studies contradicts this generally accepted view.   a new study reported in the journal of the national cancer institute reports that women who are at high risk of breast cancer who are advised to start getting mammograms as early as age 30, are at even higher risk for breast cancer from the additional radiation exposure.   they reported that due to the risk of radiation-induced breast cancer, mammographic screening may have a net harmful effect. difference between viagra 5 mg 20 mg   using data from 22 pedigree studies (studies done on the entire family, not just a person) of 8,139 subjects, the research team estimates that for brca1 or brca-2 mutation carriers, annual mammographic screening starting at 25 to 29 years of age would confer a lifetime risk of radiation-induced breast cancer mortality of 26 per 10,000 women. where to buy generic viagra This means undergoing mammograms caused more harm than good. Source: journal of the national cancer institute, february 4, 2009 ( finally, we are receiving some real results about this confusing but traditionally biased and highly emotional subject. drug interactions viagra viagra   the problem is that instead of the focus being on the environmental, lifestyle and nutritional causes of cancer that really has the power to beat this disease, our nation and medical authorities are focused solely on mammograms, biopsies, radiation and chemotherapy.  in general, mammograms’ benefits have been dramatically exaggerated to the general public.   contrary to what we hear in america, researchers around the world are more cautious about jumping on the mammogram bandwagon, because the evidence that lives are saved is scant. viagra samples  regular mammography carries a cumulative risk due to radiation.  dose and age at exposure are the two most important determinants of this risk, and hence the risk is theoretically greater for younger women.  in addition, t. viagra no prescription fastest shipping us To change this page, upload your website into the public_html directory
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